MAAP was formed in June of 1985 and has grown over the years. We have a substantial membership of practicing physicians, residents and students.
Mission Statement
1. Cater to the academic, cultural and social aspirations of doctors with heritage from the Indian subcontinent.
2. Foster quality health care through continuing education programs & discussion groups.
3. Support and understand religious and cultural diversity in Canada and its impact on patient care.
4. Assist medical students, residents, international medical graduates and physicians in their career aspirations.
5. Promote human rights issues.
6. Develop working relationships with provincial and national medical organisations whose goals are similar to those of MAAP.
Core Values
1. Compassionate care
2. Intellectual and moral excellence
3. Public accountability
It is our hope that you will consider joining this wonderful growing organisation. It is people like you that make the difference – bringing the enthusiasm, intellect and fun to the organisation. Your voice will matter because you are part of the organisation.
To join please fill out an application form.