Dr. Pathak Recognized

Dr. Pathak Recognized Dr. Pathak is professor of surgery, director of surgical fellowships, and program director of the Head & Neck Surgical Oncology Fellowship at the University of Manitoba. He is the current president elect of the Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology (2015-16).
Dr. Pathak completed his medical training and general surgical residency at the Banaras Hindu University in India. Subsequently, he trained in Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, India, and in head and neck oncology research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, USA.
He is a Diplomate of National Board and a member of National Academy of Medical Sciences, India. He is also a fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Glasgow.
The core of Dr. Pathak’s research has been cancers of head and neck, particularly those of thyroid and oral cavity. His paper on the changing face of thyroid cancer (Cancer Medicine, 2013) challenges the hypothesis that the recent rise in thyroid cancer is due to overdiagnosis. His recent publications (Eur J Surgical Oncol, 2015 and Endocrine Connections 2013) question the appropriateness of age threshold of 45 years in risk stratification of thyroid cancer.
Dr. Pathak has developed a prognostic nomogram for individualized prediction oncological outcome of thyroid cancer patients (J Clin Endocinol Metab, 2013).
Dr Pathak has received several research grant awards and published more than 75 peer-reviewed papers, editorials, book chapters, invited articles and expert columns. He has delivered more than two dozen keynote addresses, orations and invited lectures and presented more than 125 papers. He is the lead editor of two volumes in the Head and Neck Cancer Clinics: Controversies in Oral Cancer and Management of Thyroid Cancer.